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Metropolis Updates:

AIX – VICS support included: VICS Ver 9.8(26)
AIX – General Version : Ver 9.8(26)

SCO-6 – General Version : Ver 9.8(8)

Linux – General Version : Ver 9.8(26)

Linux – General Version – Ver 10 (11)

Windows 2000/XP/Server 2003/Vista – Ver 9.9(11)

NOTE:  .NET is required to run version 24 and above  – Install First : Click Here

MET 10

Windows Vista/Server 2003 – Ver 10.1(20)

METGUI Client Build (637)

ABWABW Install 9.9(10-4).exe (New 2012-01 NOW with SSH! Build 4 update 09-05-12)


EZiD (for XP) – ezidsetupv3.exe

EZiD (for Vista, W7) – ezidsetupv4.exe

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