MET-Oracle Bridge

Metropolis-Oracle Bridge Data Base Independence for all Metropolis Applications

The MOB is a new feature of Metropolis 9 that lets any Met Data Base be automatically maintained in an Oracle Table. This feature is selectable by MET DB and can be used in larger enterprises for reporting and warehousing applications as well as to provide compatibility to existing Oracle Applications. Some of the highlights include:

COMPLETE implementation of MET DB’s into Oracle Tables

Includes all utilities (create, expand, key rebuild, pack)
Metropolis-esque oddities handled (getnxt gets same record 1st, etc)
SQL in BASIC (including rollback, commit, transactions, etc)
Selectable by table – so some tables(files) may be Met or Oracle
SQL in Basic is ignored if not Oracle
Can traverse (getprv/getnxt) through query results
Special keys handled — even works with auto-key.

Call for prices and more information.