Metropolis V9

Announcing the formal release of Metropolis 9

Faster Multi User Speed!

Much Faster Key Rebuilds!

Data Base size increased to 5 byte pointers – max size of a single extent now unlimited. (Extended RCN Optional Feature).

XML Parser includes BASIC interface and macros to use it
(Gnome Open Source libxml2 parser)
Basic access to most functions include Base 64 decoding, create, parse,
and traverse XML.

New Data Type Support in Basic and GIN and Select/Sort
Credit card
Julian Date
UDT (unix date/time)
Time (hhmmss style)
Scrolling fields (if the field is say 100 bytes and the field size on the screen is
25 bytes then the data will scroll within the 25 bytes much like Web
browsers do on their forms)
Window fields (if the files is say 60 bytes and the field size on the screen is 10
bytes then when the user reaches the 10 byte limit a window pops open
with the full field available to enter)

BASIC additions:
Allow approximately 10% more variables than 8.x in a program
SQL interface for use with the Oracle Bridge
Optional use of locale for formatting of numbers, dates, currency, etc.
Special file opens that can automatically name files be size, instance (001,002,etc), user id, process id, date, etc. This feature works in xcalls and Met as well
Enhanced USING statement in BASIC with an XML interface that allows printing of location based Money and Numeric Fields.


Abutil additions
Hex conversions
Symbol translations
Timer function to allow program interrupt if a blocking call fails (tcp/ip, or?)
Massive improvements to tcp/ip and ipc macros and underlying code
A “progress” meter for posting programs (with graphics)
Ability to call ablogger, change ablogger file name, use your own ablogger style
llog without all the work!
Get file info (free space, num records, etc)
Manipulation of stdout/stderr/stdin for use in web servers
Manipulate various record and file header formats
Encryption/decryption functions for data streams
Piped open/read/write with macros — allowing BASIC to open and manipulate
piped data.
Support for name/value pairs — reading, writing, modifying — usually what is
found in “.ini” files.

Expanded List of Metropolis Environment Variables.

More tools and utilities. Greater error information and logging.

New Encoding System allows MET to be used for 30 days in Demo mode

Now available on Windows XP/2003, AIX, SCO 6.0, Linux and HP/UNIX

Internationalized version of Metropolis
Support for Multi language Data Base’s and field types

Fully integrated Symbol Replacements – Screens, Reports and Error Messages.

Data Base Field Triggers

Semaphore Tuning Advise Documentation

Great improvement to background processing– including abutil calls, changes to
BASIC, GIN, Met, etc to avoid I/O when in background and to not have
blocking calls in background. Special logging features — in general the
\ ability to have excellent, logging, debugable, reliable background
processes. This includes bgctl, cron jobs, dbshell, etc.

ADDL added (adds record and keeps it locked)

Auto key fully supported with
Ability to add/delete/update records with the key
changes done automatically. Will skip special rebuild keys. ADDLA
supported. No need to ever do code for key maintenance.

Run Time Demo Mode – 30 day demo mode allow installation of new systems without encoding.

Support logging of data base calls by DBID

Sending IPC messages of database changes so external programs can do things when a record is changed in a particular DBID. (Triggers)

inetd” added to Windows version of Met … but resulting process will run in
the Met environment.

abwall – a software firewall – Also allows Met to capture complete IP
address of client and read it in BASIC.

Report extensions now 4 digits (by environment you can have the old way)

Keys can collate by locale (e.g. charset)

Full support of sccs (source code control system) free in Unix. This is
integrated in to record generator, tab files, macros, screen and report
generators, and the compiler. Allows compiling code as of a version or
date, allows patching of old version, has complete audit trail of changes,
allows one user to change things like macros and screens without
interfering with other users.

Extremely sophisticated install program (perl script) to handle options,
environment files, and more.

loadrun enhanced for speed, reliability, and management

Advanced Debugging Options – allow setting of environments that help people remove bugs. Examples include
the MET_STRICT environment which can be set to force an error when
data is lost due to mapping (e.g. B,1 variable set to 300 would make an
error). Also ability to check data against key when manipulating keys
and data in Met. Etc.

Unix permissions and ability to run not a root fixed.