Metropolis V10

The Automatic GUI realization of all existing Metropolis Applications..And that is just the beginning!

Metropolis 10 integrates our new METGUI Flex2/Flash based front end into the mix. Over the last 10 years we have been trying to find the proper GUI interface to work with existing Met Applications Finally we now have the tool set (Flex 2/XML) to get the job down right!

Our new front end is nothing short of amazing as it almost effortlessly converts almost 100% of existing character based screen files and translates them into .xml form files that are used as the starting point for the new GUI.

All the fields in a .s are converted into individual components. The choice of the type of component is based on each field as it is converted. The METGUI system allow for an unlimited number of component types to be designed and integrated into an application. Typical components are Text Input Fields, Label Fields, Check Boxes, Buttons etc. METGUI comes configured with all the components necessary to build state of the art GUI applications and most of the work is done for you.

That is just the start – also included is our new METGUI IDE (Integrated Development Environment). This is where all new development of applications takes place. In this IDE, you will now be able to integrate literally ANY language with ANY Data Base Access – all as effortlessly as possible. And this new environment is fully extensible using standard Flash or Flex development tools.

As you are probably aware, Flash is fully portable and available on platforms down to the PDS and Cell Phone Level, giving you the ability to deploy applications everywhere!